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Learning Variable Data


Person's Name

Variable Data Tip #1

Using a person's name is their love language. Make it look like it took effort to incorporate their name and it will mean more to them. Anybody can print your name with a printer but not everyone takes the time with your name to incorporate it into the design with paint, handwrite, or shape it with leaves. Your direct mail pieces can offer the illusion that they were handmade.


Tailored Photos

Variable Data Tip #2

If you have a picture in the background of your text, change the picture depending on your data. Tailoring your stock photos to the age of the recipient helps the receiver relate to your message.


Colors Matter

Variable Data Tip #3

Appeal to your audience by changing the color of your Call-To-Action or bold text depending on the data you have. Some colors appeal to certain genders. Women are attracted to blue, green, and purple, while men like the colors black, blue, and green.